Product information

Application areas

  • As a floor finish fit for traffic for flat surfaces (< 3%) in combination with the KEMPERDUR AC Filler on KEMPEROL AC Speed Waterproofing
  • As an OS 10 tested system for parking decks and parking areas
  • As an OS 8 tested system for DIN 18531-5 and 18532-6
  • For new buildings and repair work

Pack sizes
10 kg container (component A) in combination with KEMPEROL CP Catalyst Powder (component B) Refer to the Curing table for recommended quantities. 23 kg bag of KEMPERDUR AC Filler.

    Depending on the properties and condition of the substrate in combination with KEMPERDUR AC Filler: min. 4.0 kg/m².


    • Rapid-curing
    • UV resistant
    • Solvent free
    • 3-component
    • High wear protection
    • Resin base: PMMA
    • Alkali resistant
    • Coloured finishes possible


    Whatever your project – KEMPEROL also offers you the supplementary material to make it a success.


    KEMPERDUR AC Park Safety data sheet
    KEMPERDUR AC Park Technical data sheet
    KEMPEROL CP Catalyst Powder Safety data sheet
    KEMPEROL CP Catalyst Powder Technical data sheet
    KEMPEROL Surface protection systems

    All quantities and times are approximate and without guarantee. For color specifications, absolute RAL match can not be guaranteed.