Product information

Fields of application

  • As a levelling compound for the levelling of unevenness
  • For the production of slopes up to 4%.
  • For new construction and repair


  • Good weathering resistance
  • Applicable at temperatures between +5°C and +30°C
  • Fast curing
  • Compatible with the KEMPEROL AC system

At least 2.1 kg/m2 per mm layer thickness.

Can be stored cool, frost-free, dry and unopened.

Available sizes
25 kg container (component A) in combination with KEMPEROL CP catalyst powder (component B)


KEMPEROL CP Catalyst Powder Safety data sheet
KEMPEROL CP Catalyst Powder Technical data sheet
KEMPERTEC AC GF Gefällespachtel Safety data sheet
KEMPERTEC AC GF Gradient Filler Technical data sheet

All quantities and times are approximate and without guarantee. For color specifications, absolute RAL match can not be guaranteed.