Combining the best of tradition and innovation for a sustainable future - with this claim, the innovative "Brenner Research House P39" of the Alexander Brenner Architekten in Stuttgart. An ideology that KEMPER SYSTEM has been living with conviction for over 60 years with its KEMPEROL products. For the flat roof of this extraordinary research house, particular emphasis was placed on functionality and uncompromising construction quality. So the task was tailor-made for KEMPEROL.

The "Brenner Research House PR39" is the epitome of aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency - the three-dimensional work of art, which resembles a towering cube in its shape and serves as a residential and studio house, is a real eye-catcher. The requirement is therefore: the consistent and uncompromising use of long-lasting, carefully selected and high-quality products and materials. These should be state of the art in terms of quality, integrate into the appearance of the villa and also meet the demand for sustainability.

For example, master roofer and KEMPEROL partner Thorsten Tepel from Korntaler Tepel GmbH For the waterproofing of the flat roof with concrete substrate, he initially also used the solvent-free, 2-component KEMPERTEC EP primer. For the waterproofing, he finally used the solvent-free and odourless KEMPEROL 2K-PUR, 80 % of whose resins are obtained from renewable raw materials. This means that the roof of this natural yet ultra-modern "living sculpture" also meets the sustainability requirements that prevail down to the last detail. And, as if by chance, it manages to disappear high up under the stone and blend into the background.