The late Romanesque monastery church in the small Hungarian town of Türje has stood for almost 800 years. In the course of this long period, some reconstruction work has already been done.But with the renovation of the monumental towers of the church, architect András Bakucz as well as the executing company Enterol were faced with special challenges. Elaborate detail work was to be carried out on 200 square metres at a height of 40 metres in strong winds.

When beauty meets protection.

The renovation also had to combine historical aesthetics with reliable waterproofing. Enterol, who, as our long-standing partner, had already completed several listed projects, also relied on KEMPEROL products this time. The first step was to apply the KEMPEROL products to the demanding KEMPERTEC EP-Primer applied. The details and surfaces were then treated with the solvent-free KEMPEROL 2K-PUR sealed, and then sealed with KEMPERDUR AC-Finish. A challenging job that paid off - Enterol was awarded the "Roof Of The Year" prize for its work.