A wind rose for the Rothwesten observatory

In the municipality of Fuldatal in the tranquil district of Rothwesten you will find the popular public observatory. For more than 50 years, it has been a meeting place for people interested in astronomy from the surrounding areas and serves as an educational institution for young and old. Everyone should have the opportunity to dedicate themselves to scientific topics far away from material things and to dive into the world of astronomy.  

After 50 years, however, it was now time to renovate the popular public observatory in order to be able to maintain its unique flair in the future. Special attention: The dome room inside the observatory. A striking ornament was to be created there - the incorporation of a wind rose into the floor of the room.


Made for our KEMCO Decor Stone!

The time had come at the end of July 2019. A weather-resistant and robust floor with that "certain something" was to be created. For this, the first step was to apply KEMPERTEC EP-Primer and sanded with KEMCO NQ0408 natural quartz. In the second step the KEMCO Decor Stones in combination with the solvent-free KEMCO QB1 binder the decorative coating in the shape of the wind rose. This extraordinary project was carried out by die Maler-Engel Patrick Seydler from Naumburg in North Hesse.

The end result is really something to be proud of - thanks to KEMPEROL, the dome room of the Rothwesten observatory is now adorned with a real work of art.!