Successful ramp coating in Kassel

Trafficable surfaces require a particularly resistant coating to withstand frequent and heavy loads. 
For this reason, KEMPEROL products specially adapted to such requirements were used at the famous Königstor in Kassel, such as the OS-10-approved KEMPERDUR AC Park+. Together with the KEMPERTEC AC Primer, KEMPEROL AC Speed and KEMPEROL 165 fleece it forms the perfect coating for parking areas.

For this waterproofing task, the goal was clear: create a robust surface that can withstand the daily load of vehicles entering and leaving without any problems. The traffic surface systems with OS-10 approval from KEMPEROL protect parking areas and ramps safely and reliably. They are also easy to handle and have short curing times thanks to fast-reacting polymethyl methacrylate resins.

No wonder, then, that one of these systems was chosen for this project.

The ramps' area of just under 400 square metres was first covered with the tried-and-tested KEMPERTEC AC Primer prepared to then KEMPEROL AC Speed together with KEMPEROL 165 fleece and KEMPERDUR AC Park + to be completed. The project was carried out by HGS - Haus- und Grunstücksservice GmbH. The end result: a robust ramp all around that ensures safe access to and from the underground car park!